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October 6, 2013
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A/N: Yay~! I got this done today as I promised~! Gosh today was such a bad day...ANYWAYS, writing this cheered me up ^_^  This will all be in Jack's POV an there might me some references of the song I said I was listening to yesterday >u> Anyways, Hope you enjoy~!


Jack’s (POV)

I stared at how Jeremy made (Y/n) blush madly by just giving her pencil back. Why is it that she blushes just like that when it’s him, but when I give her stuff back to her, she just says thank you?! This guy is seriously pissing me off. (Y/n) stood there blushing for about three seconds until she hesitantly entered the classroom and took her seat next to me. She gave me a questioning look to see if I had noticed her arrive. I pretended to not notice and just kept staring outside of the classroom door. I heard her sigh and in the corner of my eye saw how she started to stare out the window. I want her to see me as more than just a friend, but how? While I was thinking of some ways for (Y/n) to notice me, the teacher called on me to answer a question, clearly knowing that I wasn’t putting attention.

“Jack, what is 4 to the power of 5?” the teacher asked.

“Uhhh….20?” I answered hoping I had the right answer.

“Jack, first of all, the answer is 1,024. Second of all, this is 7th grade stuff you should already know by now. Third of all, this is SCIENCE CLASS! If you don’t put attention next time, I will call your parents and give you detention.” She said annoyed at me. Geesh, she seriously needs to take a happy pill. Everyone in the classroom started to laugh; even (Y/n) turned towards me and laughed a little bit. I blushed and quickly turned away so that she wouldn’t see my reaction. I really like her laughter and her smiles….

All of a sudden, a ray of hope came through my head. (Y/n) had said that there were possibilities that Jeremy didn’t return the same feelings for her, right? Well then, as much as I hate it, I will do whatever is possible for them to not become a couple. Yes, I like the sound of that very much….

Soon, the bell for the next class rang and we were dismissed from this class, which I hated so much. I grabbed my stuff and started to head for the next class; I didn’t want to wait on (Y/n) since it would be too sudden and suspicious for me to change my attitude. As I was approaching the classroom, I saw how Jeremy and some of (Y/n)’s other guy-friends approached her. They started talking about something, but I couldn’t quite hear what they were talking about. However, I saw how (Y/n) gave them a smile. One of the smiles I like the most. I really do love her smiles, but why does it hurt so much to see her smile right now?

My head started pounding and my heart started to ache, so I didn’t want to stand by and watch anymore of this situation. I brusquely entered the classroom and slammed myself into my assigned seat. One minute later, (Y/n) came in with a huge smile and blush on her face. She took her seat in front of me and I wanted to ask her why she was all blushing and smiling, but she turned around in her seat to face me and spoke first.

“Um… Jack…Are you still mad at me?”  She asked me with a questioning look.

“No…I guess not.” I answered.

“Well…this time I’m going to tell you first instead of (F/n)…” she said while more blush started to appear in her (s/c) cheeks.

“What is it?” I asked with curiosity filling me, but I had a feeling I shouldn’t have asked that.

“Well… Jeremy… he…. He asked me out on a date~!” she said and smiled with her face still a crimson color.

My face went pale, my heart aching like I was just stabbed a thousand times through the heart. Something in conscience snapped, and rage towards Jeremy turned into something insane. I tried to keep calm, but it was impossible. I just stormed out of the classroom not caring what other people thought or the gossips people were already making about the whole situation. I went to the nurse’s office to get permission to go home saying that I wasn’t feeling well. As soon as I got permission to go home, I ran towards my house and got inside, slamming the door in frustration and anger.

My parents weren’t home, but for some reason my father had left some of his surgery tools in the kitchen counter. I walked towards the tools and picked one that stood out the most. It was scalpel, it was shiny and it seemed as if it was telling me to use it. But, why and on what should I use it? Suddenly, an image of Jeremy and (Y/n) together flashed in my mind. I smirked evilly knowing what I’ll do and walked upstairs to my room, scalpel still in my hand.

I put on a black hoody and slid on a blue mask with black blood oozing out from where the eyes should be. The eyes of the mask had black see through cloth that made it appeared as if the person wearing it had no eyes.  I decide to keep my black jeans and converse on. I looked at myself in the mirror and smirked behind the mask. This image really did suit me. I pulled my black hoody up and started to walk towards Jeremy’s house. When I got there, I climbed up a tree and smiled noticing how it was right in front of Jeremy’s room. I climbed to the closest and strongest branch that leads to Jeremy’s room. I smirked again at how his window was unlocked and I easily jumped inside his room. I opened his closet door and decided to hide there so that I could wait until he came back. Jeremy was going to suffer. He was going to suffer so much that he would regret ever getting close to (Y/n). I can’t wait to see him suffer as much as my heart has suffered, I might even make him suffer more than that. I tightened my grip on the scalpel and smirked for what seemed like the hundredth time today. Oh, how I was going to enjoy this….


Yeah...I really should get working on my History project...
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I don't own Jack
I own the story (well..96% of it since it's kind of based off of a song. TuT)
I own Jeremy
You belong to yourself.... not for long though :iconheplz: :iconrapefaceplz: ((an no this doesn't mean there's going to be lemons in this story xD))
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AwesomeAwkwardAlice Dec 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahh this is great omg!! Funny enough my ex's name is Jeremy. Can't wait to read the next part ;D
MidnaPlayer Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dayummot! No limons!
breezyblossom Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol "you belong to yourself...not for long though" lerv der story. i can see how this was inspired from yandelenka (did i spell it right? lol) again, love it! totally in my favorites Neko-Emoji-01 
Riko-Naitou Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD yesh not for long :iconheplz: 
yes you did ^_^ it can either be spelled as Yandelenka or Yanderenka since in Japan, they pronounce the R as L most of the time :3

Aww, thank you o(>w<)o
creepygirl1 Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wow,its getting better and better :-) keep it up girl xxx
Riko-Naitou Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much~! ^w^
creepygirl1 Nov 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No problem :-) 
Ohmergerd this ish AWESOME. Can't wait for more!
Riko-Naitou Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm currently making more right now...typing as I respond to your comment xD
ThexStarxDestroyer Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I quite like this but the black blood part seems out of place...It seems like a thing that should happen later rather than before he even starts cutting people open and taking kidneys and all that jazz and such but other than that I like this c:
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